American Hand Craft Slip Casting Project

– Frank Criscione – local designer, artist and fabricator working as American Handcraft – is looking to hire a talented potter (experience w/ slip casting preferred) to produce a quantity of slip-cast mugs + cups (cast/clean/bisque/glaze/fire).  These pieces have been produced before (once by frank and for a time by Mudshark Studios in Portland, OR).
For this series i have created a new set of master and production molds – – hoping to yield at least x100 units of each of 2 designs – possibly w/ repeat production.
– for this ’round’ of production, a small batch (x4 sets) of production molds have already been made and the master molds are available to pour more.   Each cup has a separately cast handle.    The large mug measures approximately 4″ x 4″ (not including handle) once fired and the smaller measures approximately 3″ x 2-1/2″ (not including handle) once fired.   Spec’d commercial slip (cone 6 stoneware) and glazes (two, cone 6) have already been sourced and tested – details available annnd open to other options.
– potter will be pouring, cleaning up and attaching handles, bisque firing, glazing, stamping, and firing.   if necessary, the casting can be done at frank’s studio, but potter must be able to complete all glazing and firing at their own facility.
– open to discussion on per-piece cost.   hoping to complete project within 8-12 weeks
– please contact frank w/ inquiries…  –  978 223 0435  –  @americanhandcraft