Work Exchange and Internships

Work Exchange and Internship Positions at Feet of Clay – June of 2019

Work exchange positions are available now!  Any studio member, as well as anyone on the waiting list, can apply for the positions.  A work exchange or internship position at Feet of Clay is a wonderful way to learn about studio operations and ceramic processes, as well as get a reduced fee for your membership.  The type of work that is available varies depending on need.  Here are the possibilities:

– Making glazes:  4 hours per month
– Cleaning:  45 minutes – 3 hours per week (usually on the same day each week)
-Mopping:  45 minutes on the same day each week
-Clay Recycling:  2 hours on the same day each week
-Dating old work – 3 hours per month

The work exchange rate is $12 per hour and is taken off of the following month’s membership fees.  A minimum 9 month commitment is required.

The internship has set hours each week to be arranged with our managers, usually during weekday afternoons.  3 hours per week is required and a studio membership is included.

In order to apply, please send a resume, along with a cover letter, that explains your interest in working for the studio.  Please include how many hours you would like to do each month, as well as what jobs you would be most interested in doing.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Send resume and cover letter to Jenn Wyman at