To add your name to our general membership waitlist, please go ADD YOURSELF TO OUR MEMBERSHIP WAITLIST and provide your name and email. When a space is available we will contact you via the email address you provide with more information.  Please note membership is more than a year waiting list at the moment.

Membership at Feet of Clay is offered at a variety of levels. All members are required to do some work for the studio (i.e. help at the semi-annual clean-a-thons) and everyone is welcome to participate in our twice-yearly shows and sales. Please keep in mind membership is subject to available space.  We currently have a waiting list for membership.

General Membership

General membership costs $165 per month, and offers 24-hour access to the studio and its facilities, including work areas, wheels, studio tools and molds, glazing room and spray booth. A refundable security deposit equal to one month’s membership fees, paid at the time of joining the studio, will be held against any late charges, extra electricity, glaze runs or other fees not paid directly by the member, and will be returned when the member leaves the studio and returns his/her key.

Members who take a class get a $30 discount on class!

Storage space for work in progress and clay is shared, and each member is given a small box to keep their tools and supplies, as well as an individual space for clay.  Members are expected to clean up after themselves and to leave the area ready for others to use.

Firing is done by the studio managers or other experienced potters. Unlimited bisque and up to 2500 cubic inches of glaze firing is included in the monthly membership. Members are not permitted to exceed 2500 cubic inches per month.  Cubic inches above 2500 cubic inches is charged at a rate of $.05 cents per cubic inch.

A variety of clays can be purchased through the studio. Brown and white stoneware, buff clay and speckled clay are sold for $20, and porcelain is sold for $25 (25 pound bags). Members may purchase clay elsewhere as long as it fires to the same temperature as studio clay and glazes (cone 6).  We fire to cone 6 in electric kilns and have over 30 glazes to choose from.

All members are invited to participate in our twice yearly show and sale. This is a great opportunity to show your work and sell it to the public.  Space in the Show is subject to a lottery.

If you would like to become a member, please email to make an appointment for a studio orientation.  Please allow up to 2 business days for a response.  All new members need an orientation and will pay in person rather than online.

Requirements:  The only requirement is that you have a basic knowledge of clay and glaze, meaning no instruction is required for you to work in the studio freely.

We are proud to be a dog friendly studio.

Semi-Private Membership – Only open to existing Feet of Clay members

Semi-Private Membership costs $175 per month plus a one-time, non-refundable joining fee equal to one month’s membership dues, and in addition to everything available to the general member, provides a personal shelving unit for storage of your own work and tools. Semi-private members are responsible for their own firing, and will be trained by FOC staff on the use and firing of our kilns. Monthly firing charges will depend on actual kiln space used. Semi-Private members are required to perform 3 hours of work per month, to be assigned by the management according to studio need.

Private Studio Space – Only open to existing Feet of Clay members
Finally, we offer a small number of private rental spaces whose cost depends on the square footage of the space. Private members fire their own work and perform 3 hours of work for the studio each month.

Online payment is for existing members only.