Class Descriptions

Classes are available on a wait list basis only at this time.

Wheelthrowing – All Levels

This class will focus mainly on the potter’s wheel.  Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced wheelthrower, demos will be given according to your skill level. Demonstrations are given at the beginning of each class and the remainder of time is dedicated to your personal projects.  Beginner demos include cups, bowls, handles, plates and creamers.  Intermediate and advanced level demos:  Large bowls, vases, pitchers, oval forms, lidded jars, teapots, joined forms, sets.  Come try your hand on the wheel!

Wheelthrowing and Handbuilding – All Levels

Whether you would like to learn wheelthrowing for the first time, or wish to build upon your existing skills, this class is designed to fit your needs. All levels are encouraged to join. Basic wheelthrowing and handbuilding techniques will be covered, as well as more advanced demos for those with prior experience. For those who have more experience, the class will focus on refining their process and elevating the design.

Wheelthrowing and Handbuilding – All Levels for Teens CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

For beginning students the instructor will focus on the fundamentals of clay; teaching pinch pots, slab and coil method, as well as basic wheelthrowing. After learning the basics, the student is free to develop what they find most compelling. For those teens that have more experience in clay and know what they would like to focus on, the class is less structured in order to give the student independence as they work through their particular vision in clay. The instructor is present for questions and for structural advice and technique, as well as for advanced demonstrations.

The teens class at Feet of Clay will give the young inspired ceramicist an inside look at a working pottery studio and its many working artists. This program is great for young potters looking to develop more skills outside of a school setting.

Wheelthrowing and Handbuilding for Kids (Ages 8-12)

This course will take our younger students through an exploration of working with clay, from pinch pots, coils, and slabs to basic wheelthrowing techniques.  This is intended to be for students with any level of experience, so beginners as well as intermediates are welcomed to join.  We will proceed through a series of projects that will build the students’ proficiency with understanding the basic foundations of clay manipulation and glaze application.  The class is limited to 6 students to provide more individual attention.

Intermediate/Advanced Wheelthrowing (Wednesday evenings)

This course is designed for those with some previous experience in clay.  A basic knowledge of handbuilding and wheelthrowing, (or one previous class taken) is suggested.  Be prepared to build upon existing skills by learning how to throw larger forms, lidded vessels, and build more complex forms.

Friday Night Wheel – All Levels 

Want to try your hand at working with clay, but not sure if you want to take one of our 8-week classes?  Come to our 2-hour wheelthrowing class, where you’ll get a chance to try out wheel-throwing in a fun and supportive class!  Sorry, we no longer can finish your pots for you, but you will have a great time practicing!

Clay Sampler (Two consecutive Friday evenings)

Thanks to your feedback about our Friday Night classes, Feet of Clay has added a short-session class where students can bring home their pieces. The Clay Sampler class is two sessions long and $110 for adults and $95 for children. Handbuilding will be taught on the first evening, wheelthrowing on the second, and glazing on the third. The class includes the price of all materials, plus the cost of firing up to three pieces. This is an all ages class and is a wonderful community activity.

Your pieces can be picked up after 2 weeks time, anytime Monday-Thursday evenings 7-10pm.