Make up class opportunities for multi-session students only

Important:  Make up class policy.  Make ups are not guaranteed.  However, we have been getting creative to find ways for you all to share our class space!

If you know you are missing a class, please complete this form by December 31st.  Anyone who completes the form by Dec 31st will be given an extra opportunity to have a make up class.

During the session you may find out you need to miss a class.  In this case, please visit our shared doc where students can jump in and out of classes at their discretion.  This form works great if you enter your dates you will miss as early as possible.  ONLY one make up class can be signed up for per session on this form.  You may enter as many dates as you like, but only sign up for one make up class.  Make up classes are not guaranteed.  This is just a simple way that students can use each other’s availabilities to jump in on classes.