Online Classes

Feet of Clay is now offering Online Classes to the public!  Check out our offerings below!

Clay Fun! For Parents and Kids

3 sessions August 12th-26th
Wednesdays, 11 AM – Noon
Cost:  $50
Cost includes 12 pounds of clay and bisque firing for one bag of clay

All members of your family can join the zoom meeting.  Additional bags of clay, which include bisque firing is $30.

Join Sara Fisch, Feet of Clay Kids Instructor for 3 Wednesdays in August to learn some fun handbuilding techniques! All ages are welcome.

Materials Needed: butter knife, fork, spoon, a piece of cloth or canvas to cover your table surface.

Clay is available for pickup at Feet of Clay in Brookline.

Handbuilding with Tim – Weekly Wednesdays
June 17th, June 24th, July 1st, July 8th, July 15th, July 22, July 29th
Non-Member Price:  $25
Member Price:  $0
Price is for a single class

Building Boxes with Kingsley Weihe
May 27th, 3-5pm
Cost: $60
Free for Members

Build a box in this two hours workshop with our very own Kingsley Weihe.  Learn to build a closed box form using “cheese hard” slabs (see description), then learn to cut it open to form the body and lid.  Space is limited so register now!

Materials Needed:

Knife, Scoring Tool, Slip, Spong.  Clay should be rolled out and prepared before the workshop.  Clay slabs, approximately 1/4″ thick, dried slightly.  You should be able to hold up the piece of clay and not have it slump.  It should be the consistency of munster or mozzarella cheese.

Limited space available!  REGISTER NOW!

“Creating Patterns with Nerikomi (Colored Clay) at Home”
June 2nd, 6-7:30pm
Cost:  $75
Member Cost for materials only:  $25

Nerikomi is the art of mixing pigments into wet clay (typically porcelain), which is then used to create patterns that are embedded throughout the clay itself. Pieces of different colored clays are manipulated by hand: layered, compressed and cut so as to reveal a pattern, and formed into unique pieces of pottery, sculpture or jewelry. When fired, these colors serve as the primary surface pattern, creating unique effects.

This 90-minute workshop will introduce the technique, in a form that you can learn at home. No previous experience with colored clay is necessary. A kit of materials, including pre-colored clay, will be available for pick up before the workshop, so that you will have all the supplies needed to create a mini-project. We’ll make “pattern blocks” of colored clay that can be easily stored until you have the chance to use them to create a finished piece of artwork! Pictured are several types of nerikomi patterns (the project may incorporate elements of several).

Materials provided will include:

  • 3 lbs pre-mixed colored porcelain clay of various colors, 3 lbs plain white porcelain clay, Small container of colored porcelain slip and paintbrush, 2 sq feet canvas for work surface, 4 flat wooden sticks, Piece of wire (you’ll need a particular kind, not a regular pottery cutting wire.) Template , Ziplock bags with cloth for storing your project

You will also need: Small bowl or bucket of water, Spray bottle of water (optional), Knife, Rolling pin (If you don’t have one, any can, jar or bottle with smooth sides will work fine). *Note: A rolling pin that has been used for colored clay should not later be used for food prep, Sponge or wet scrap of cloth, Piece of newspaper or scrap paper

*You will NOT need to work with a mask or special ventilation. The workshop is designed to focus only on the parts of the process that do not need these safety precautions, that you can do at home. *Gloves optional

Workshop fee includes materials that are yours to keep.  You will have some clay left over to work with on your own or to save for another workshop). Materials can be picked up at drop off times or by appointment.


Feet of Clay is closed and is not offering the services below.

Adult Classes

If you are interested in our 8 week adult classes, please add yourself to the waiting lists below.  This will ensure your place as we email folks in order of their interest.

Rather than letting the space open up to the public for first come/first serve, we invite people who have been on the waiting lists the longest to join.  Typical waiting times for night and Saturday classes are at least 1 year.  Weekday daytime classes less than 4 month waiting time.  The Monday and Tuesday night class rarely has space.  Please add yourself to the waiting list every session in order to be kept on our email waiting lists.



Adult classes run for multiple sessions and usually are 8-12 weeks long. The classes are sold in a set, and you come to the class the same day and time every week. They include group instruction, clay, glazes, and firing.  (However, the intermediate class does not include clay, but is available from the studio for $18 per 25 lb bag of white or brown stoneware; $23 for porcelain.). The class fee covers 3 hours of instruction per week and all materials, but no open studio time. The All Levels classes cover basic wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques. They also allow intermediate students the opportunity to pursue their own interests. We frequently have a mix of beginner and intermediate students in our classes, because so many of our students return to the same class.

Please note that all classes are non-refundable after two weeks before the start date. There is a $10 cancellation fee for cancelled classes before the two week start date.  Classes are limited to 8 students to maximize personal attention. We do not offer make up sessions, but if you miss a class, you may register for one independent work session. Visit our Missed Class Policy page for complete details.

Cost:  $300 for an 8-week class

Private Classes

Feet of Clay instructor Jenn Wyman now offers private class sessions for groups of 6 – 8 people on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Email Jenn at to schedule a class.

The fee for an 8 person class for 2.5 hours, all materials, instructor, and firing included is $380.

Clay Sampler – (2 Friday nights for all ages)

Thanks to your feedback about our Friday Night classes, Feet of Clay has added a short-session class where students can start and finish their pieces through the glazing process.  The Clay Sampler class is two sessions long.  Wheelthrowing will be taught on the first evening, and glazing on the second.  The class includes the price of all materials, plus the cost of firing up to two pieces. This is an all ages class and is a wonderful community activity. There are no make-up classes for the clay sampler classes.

Your pieces can be picked up after 2 weeks time, during our normal class hours.  You will be notified when the pieces are ready with a reminder of our class times.  Our normal class hours are Monday-Thursday evenings from 7-10pm, as well as Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10am-1pm, holidays excluded.  Feet of Clay will keep your pieces for 2 months.

Keep in mind this class is non-refundable after two weeks before the start date.

Cost Adult:  $90
Cost Children:  $85
$5 multi-person discount (per person) is given if you register more than one person.
Under 12 must be accompanied by an adult

Register Now!

Friday Night Wheel (1 session for all ages)

We offer a 2 hour wheel throwing class where you can spend a few hours working with one of our instructors to learn how to throw on the wheel.  This class is for all levels and is a great community activity.  It’s also a fun and supportive time to get your hands dirty.  Please note:  work is not taken home from the Friday Wheel classes since it is only one session.  

Cost: $45 for adults and $40 for children. $5 discount per person for more than one person.

Keep in mind this class is non-refundable after two weeks before the start date.

Register Now!

Kids and Teens Classes

The Kids and Teens classes teach wheelthrowing and handbuilding. They include all materials, firing and supplies.  We keep the Kids and Teens classes very affordable for parents, and the price varies by how many weeks the class is. Sorry, we do not offer make up classes for our kids’ classes.

Cost:  $150-$200 depending on session times and number of days.