We Are Hiring CLAY FUN Instructors


Feet of Clay is now interviewing for a ceramics instructor for an entry level wheel throwing and handbuilding class for all ages. Our Clay Fun! Classes are held on weekends and are one or two sessions long. Students’ ages range from 2-100 years old!
Availability: 4-6 classes per month on either Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays

• At least 2 years of teaching experience, or a comparable skill set.
• Excellent communication skills and classroom management skills.
• Ability to work with students at the beginning level of handbuilding or wheel throwing.
• A passion and enthusiasm for sharing your knowledge of clay.
• The ability to effectively relay information to students, while keeping a productive and positive outlook on the creative process.
• A deep appreciation for children and the benefits of sharing the creative process to youth.
• Excellent documentation skills in order to keep track of student pieces.

We are looking for friendly potters who are great at interacting with enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. The ideal candidate is patient and able to listen carefully to students. Instructors should be able to set realistic goals for students as they learn pottery for the first time. Candidates should have excellent communication skills for interactions with studio leadership, as well as with students. Instructors must be willing to follow studio policy, and interact with both students and teachers effectively and productively.
If you are interested, please forward your resume and cover letter to Jenn at info@feetofclaypottery.com. Please apply by September 30th.