Jasmine Baetz found clay at a young age, and working with it remains her favourite way to figure things out. Among other pursuits, she’s taught pottery classes for children (and the occasional adult) at different studios in Mexico and Canada. She has a BA in religious studies. She moved to Boston in 2014 and is completing her BFA in ceramics at MassArt.

Richard Gilson graduated with a minor in art and a major in anthropology. He began his ceramics journey in 2000 as a student at Brookline Adult Ed.and then at the Boston Center For Adult Education. Richard pursed clay at the BCAE from 2003-2008. During that time he also enrolled in classes at the Harvard/Radcliffe Ceramics Program. He has participated in numerous wood, soda and raku workshops both locally and nationally. While at the BCAE he became an instructor and then a co-manager of the studio.he has been an instructor/manager at Feet of Clay since 2009.

Richard’s primary practice is producing functional pottery. He periodically engages in creating sculptural work through both throwing on the wheel and hand building. He is inspired by nature and organic forms with a focus on coral reefs and the organisms they support. He has exhibited his work extensively in the greater Boston area.

Marc Mancuso has been making ceramics since 1988 and for the last 14 years has taught ceramics at beginner though advanced levels. He has taught at M.I.T., Brookline Adult Education, and Brookline Arts Center, and given workshops at the Fuller Craft Museum. He has worked in Boston as a production potter, sold works at juried local fairs and exhibits regionally. His approach to making objects can be simultaneously whimsical and methodical, but is usually more one than the other.

Mike Roche is a ceramic artist originally from the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts. As an adolescent, Roche studied oil painting with accomplished landscape artist Peter Roux, while attending high school where he studied Advertising Art and Design. After graduating high school, he decided to pursue a bachelor degree from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with the intention of concentrating in painting. During his freshman year, he took his first course in ceramic hand-building and fell deeply in love with the mediums endless possibilities. During his last year at Mass Art, he had the good fortune of meet world renowned ceramic artist Jun Kaneko, who after seeing Roche’s thesis show, invited him to work as his assistant in his Omaha, Nebraska studio. Over the next four years, Roche worked for Kaneko taking part in every operation necessary to run the expansive and prolific studio. Most notably, he fabricated over forty of Jun’s ceramic sculptures ranging from 2‘ to over 11‘ tall. He had the honor and pleasure of designing Kaneko’s newest and largest kiln to date, which can accommodate several 11’ sculptures at one time. Roche received a full scholarship from the University of Delaware to pursue his graduate degree in ceramics. During his time in Delaware, Roche not only continued to explore the scale of his sculptures but also evolve the complexity of his surface treatments on the forms. He also had the responsibility of teaching several courses and was afforded the opportunity to design his own curriculum. After obtaining his graduate degree, Roche moved back to Massachusetts to reconnect with his roots and become involved with the local clay community that had so greatly influenced and inspired his current journey as a contemporary ceramic artist.

Holly Sears graduated from Mass College of Art in Ceramic Design. Originally a painter on canvas, she discovered clay, starting in intricately painted low-fire fire pieces that are well known throughout the US.  She has since moved onto large animal sculptures, and now back to painting very detailed designs on both clay and on canvas.  She has been teaching beginning and intermediate pottery, wheel throwing and hand building for fifteen years, but is not currently teaching at Feet of Clay.

Christine Shadic fell in love with clay when she was about eight years old, when celebrating a friend’s birthday. She visited a pottery near her home town where she watched the potter work on her wheel. From that moment, she was hooked!  After doing a little clay in high school, she went on to study ceramics at Potsdam College in upstate New York. Several years later, she moved to the Boston area and started working at the Potters Shop and School in Needham where she was an assistant studio manager. She taught classes for children and adults at the studio and also in the Newton schools as part of their after-school program.  Christine became a member of Feet of Clay in 2001. She is still teaching adult classes along with selling her work at local shows and sales.


Jennifer Wyman
Jennifer Wyman has been practicing pottery since 1996. Born in Houston, Texas, she began ceramics at the University of North Texas and received a BFA in studio art at the University of Texas at Arlington. She has studied traditional pottery in both Ghana and Ethiopia. She has been teaching ceramics since 2007, teaching wheelthrowing, handbuilding and glaze chemistry. She taught at the Boston Center for Adult Education, at the Dorchester Center for the Visual Arts and now at Feet of Clay Pottery.