Feet of Clay Show and Sale 2015 – Dec 10th – 23rd

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Twice yearly Feet of Clay transforms its studio spaces into a gallery setting.  This exhibition and sale features the  work of 34 artists, some sculptural, some functional, and everything in between!  You will not regret seeing the beautiful work of Boston artists. 

Open every day from Dec 10th – 23rd!


Feet of Clay in Brookline

Feet of Clay is a cooperatively run pottery studio with a large and well-equipped studio space that is shared by a diverse group of ceramic artists and potters. Whether you’re an experienced potter looking for studio space or a beginner interested in learning how to hand-build or wheel-throw, Feet of Clay has everything you need to start working with clay today!

We offer classes for all experience levels, as well as affordable membership complete with wheels, kilns, clay, glazes, tools, a photo booth, spray booth, a slab roller, and more.

Twice a year Feet of Clay opens its doors and transforms its studio spaces into a gallery setting. To receive an invitation to our shows click here.


Feet of Clay Artist-in-Residence Program

Feet of Clay offers an annual Artist-in-Residence Program, which goes from September 2016 to August 2017.  The residency includes a scholarship for membership, including a semi-private space, and the opportunity to teach at Feet of Clay.  For detailed information click here.  Applications are due by June 15th, 2016.  Questions regarding the application process can be emailed to info@feetofclaypottery.com




Winter guide:  Feet of Clay cancels classes when Brookline declares a snow emergency.  No parking is allowed during a snow emergency.  To find out if there is parking in Brookline call the Brookline Department of Public Works at (617) 730-2610.